When I trained with Gong Master Satjit Singh I had the opportunity to play a plurality of different gongs from his beautiful gong collection. When I played Chiron however, I immediately knew it had to be him. This was my gong!!! Given my initials are KK I was also drawn to the symbol in the gong’s centre. Chiron was a centaur and healer in Greek Mythology. His glyph resembles a key and is composed of an “O” and a “K” indicative of his original name, Object Kowal. The glyph is also symbolic of healing from trauma, transitioning from one place to another, transcendence and moving beyond the confines of three-dimensional reality into the higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

• In terms of the Zodiac Chiron rules Virgo;
• Chiron is the wounded healer and accesses our deepest wounds, offering unconventional and non-traditional methods of healing, growth and and transformation. Chiron has the ability to resolve the sorrows and sufferings of previous lifetimes and assist us in moving forwards with strength, compassion
and wisdom to fulfil our potential and destiny;
• Chiron is a bridge between the material and the spiritual;
• Chiron is one of the most powerful of the planet gongs and is the gong of initiation;
• Chiron specifically works with the 5th and 6th chakras, Vishuddhi and Ajna, the throat
chakra and the third eye chakra;
• Chiron’s colours are blue/turquoise;
• Other key words associated with Chiron are alchemy, vision, self-sacrifice, animal power,
integrity, knowledge, dependability, and craftiness;