Teacher’s Code of Conduct

Rather than this being a Code of Conduct for you as practitioners of yoga, this is my Code of Conduct as a Sharath Yoga Centre (SYC) KPJAYI authorised level 2 teacher. I am required to make this Code of Conduct available for you to see. I think this transparency is beautiful and so necessary in these times. I feel upholding these points is of utmost importance to my integrity as a teacher and to maintain the integrity and purity of the teachings. Teaching and accurately transmitting the practice of yoga is a sacred responsibility, an honour and a privilege, not to be taken lightly, nor abused. As a teacher I learn as much from you as a student, if not more, than you do from me. If I fall short on any of which follows, please do not hesitate to let me know where I can transform my unskillfulness and serve you better. I truly believe the moment I stop learning is the moment I should stop teaching.

Thank you for participating in the beautiful dance of yoga with me.

Kalyan x

I agree and undertake:

  1. To teach the Ashtanga yoga method as taught by the SYC in Mysore, India;
  2. To maintain a yoga room or shala to allow for daily, ideally morning, Mysore-style practice;
  3. To honour a weekly day off (Saturday) and the full/new moon days as rest days;
  4. As an Authorised Level II teacher, to teach the primary and intermediate series only. If you already practice advanced A I am happy to help you perfect your practice to the best of my ability. Should I get certified I would love to teach the advanced series too;
  5. To not provide or participate in any teacher training or workshop under any name (ie, Ashtanga Teacher Intensive, Teacher Training, Ashtanga intensive and Yoga Intensive) unless approved by SYC;
  6. To provide a safe and professional environment free from harassment and discrimination of any kind (including gender, ethnically, nationality or sexually based) and to respect the rights, personal integrity and dignity and privacy of each student;
  7. To be respectful in conduct, speech and attire and attentive to local customs and traditions;
  8. To follow all local government and national laws and regulations and best practices that pertain to yoga teaching, and any related business, I conduct;
  9. That I am solely accountable for my own actions, behaviour and speech, including anything which might be defined or perceived as abuse, harassment or otherwise improper, unethical, or illegal conduct;
  10. To not display out of date SYC Authorisation/Certification;
  11. To provide current contact information to SYC, to be made available on the website;
  12. To prominently display a current Code of Conduct, which shall include the items listed above, in an area clearly visible to my students and on my personal and/or shala/studio website where I teach;