“I’ve been practicing ashtanga yoga for around five years, and have had the good fortune to have encountered a number of teachers, both well-known ones, and some with less international renown.  On two separate occasions over periods of a number of weeks, Kalyan Kaur has visited Cyprus and taught me both in the ashtanga style (Mysore / led class) and in the complementary yin style of yoga.  I find Kalyan has several qualities which make her an excellent teacher: dynamism balanced with empathy, a clear dedication to her own practice balanced with generosity towards her students and eagerness to share her knowledge, emotional sobriety and grounding balanced with a sense of humour and personal tenderness.  I am probably not an ‘easy’ student, frequently experiencing my recalcitrant mid-life body as being that of “the stiffest yogi in the universe”; yet while keeping traditional ashtanga form, Kalyan neither gave up on my limited ability, nor – more importantly – on my often despairing attitude towards my ability.  In the ashtanga classes she gently but firmly encouraged me to make effort, while also understanding and respecting my current limits – even at the same time as she managed to convey her faith in these eventually receding through practice.  Her yin classes are also beautifully structured and paced, and Kalyan’s yoga nidra is something to be experienced!  I would say Kalyan is a very well-rounded teacher, practitioner and person.  Although we worked relatively briefly together,  I enjoyed all of her classes and would definitely seek her teaching again if I had the opportunity, so I would unreservedly also recommend her to yogis of all abilities, as both a teacher and colleague.” – Byron Gaist, PhD Registered Counselling Psychologist and Licensed Psychotherapist, Nicosia, Cyprus   

“Kalyan is an inspiring ashtanga yoga teacher. A strong gifted woman with a kind heart. Her dynamic spirit and beautiful mind make her stand out. She is undoubtedly a devoted teacher who is very well trained and very skilled in ashtanga yoga. From my personal experience I can tell she is a deep connosseur of all yoga postures and their little secrets. When she corrects my postures and breathing, even the minor detail makes sense and transforms my practice and experience. By practising with Kalyan, I feel more confident and more powerful. I admire the way she respects and encourages every student. When I interact with people, I always seek  people who bring out the best version of me!! Kalyan is one of them!!!” – Irini Kyriacou, mixed media fine artist and art teacher, Nicosia, Cyprus

“I have known Kalyan as a teacher for a few years now, regularly going along to her classes of Yin Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. Both types of yoga I had never done before but came to love them and progress in them, all starting from Kalyan’s teachings. Kalyan is not only a very exceptional, knowledgeable and professional teacher but someone who really inspires people to succeed in their own practice in a real and authentic manner. She loves and lives her passion for yoga which flows over into her classes in abundance. With Kalyan as your teacher you are sure to get help and advice for your own development whatever level you are at. From beginners to advanced Kalyan will always teach with kindness, patience and a deep knowledge of yoga and its affects on your body, mind, health and well being which transfers into every area of your life. I am deeply grateful and honoured to have met Kalyan and for all her teachings.” – Tracey Burder, Support Worker, Rayleigh, Essex, UK

“My experience with Kalyan has been transformative. Her persistence on proper counting, breathing and most importantly challenging limiting beliefs on what you think that your body can do on the mat is invaluable. After being stuck for a while and as a person who is relatively inflexible, Kalyan sparked sense of joy and hope to my practice and as a result I experienced major breakthroughs on the mat. Her extensive training on yoga therapy has also inspired me to reflect on my attitude off the mat. I hope others will get the opportunity to experience this sense of satisfaction from Kalyan’s classes.” – Mara Lipsou, Nicosia, Cyprus 

“Great yoga practitioners don’t always make great yoga teachers. Kalyan is both a great yogi and a great teacher. She was my teacher for the two months of December 2019 to January 2020, in Nicosia, Cyprus. I started Ashtanga last October. Before meeting Kalyan, I would attend led classes thinking that it would be the only way for me to learn. The problem was that I could not keep up, and I could not do the postures properly. When I met Kalyan she suggested that I attended Mysore classes. I told her that I wouldn’t make it since I didn’t know the sequence of the postures. She immediately replied: But that’s my job!! To show you! The excitement in her voice and the love that came out inspired me to start Mysore classes. I knew I could rely on her to teach me even though I had only just met her. Every day I got better and better and owed it to Kalyan. Kalyan had a class full of people of different levels and she knew exactly who to help with which posture. She was there for each and every one of us, at the right time. She was attentive, caring, willing and eager to support every single student. I feel truly blessed that I had her as my teacher. Thank you Kalyan.  May joy be with you always.” – Christina O’Neill, Talent Development/Executive Coach

“I had several individual sessions of ashtanga yoga with Kalyan, a few times a week. She was a supportive and motivating teacher. I have never been a sportswoman and Ashtanga yoga was a real challenge for me, creating a lot of frustration and anger about how weak and stone-like my body was. But Kalyan, with her great patience and empathy, helped me to go through my mind and emotional turnovers. Her teaching concept is not to push your body over its current limits but, invite it to join to the beauty of yoga energies, going into asanas step by step, being respectful and accepting of your body. I really grateful to Kalyan for her time, knowledge and experience she shared with me.” – Liza Velichutina, Manager in Financial Company and Poet   

“In June 2019, I had the privilege to practice with Kalyan. Although it was only for one month, her teachings resonated with me and she had a profound and deep impact on my practice. Even today, while practicing, I often go back in my mind and can hear her voice, giving me tips, encouragement and support. Her adjustments were gentle yet they helped me move deeper in my practice 🙏🏻_” – Leslee Ogunfowora,  Cape Town, Office Manager