Previous Participants’ Experience

When asked to describe their overall experience of TMI 8-week Yoga Therapy course for stress, anxiety & depression, previous participants responded:

“Life changing… My favourite aspect of the course was learning to breathe to control my mood, anxiety and stress…I would recommend the course for many reasons but mostly to have peace in my mind and calmness in my mood.“ Karen, Essex

“Amazing, beautiful, something to really look forward to…“ Caitlin, Southend

“I have felt nurtured and supported in all aspects…and encouraged and inspired to pass on what I have learnt to others….I really liked all the meditations. The body scan helped me relax and focus my mind.”

“Transforming. Over the 8 weeks I really feel like I’ve made huge progress. I don’t feel I am cured but I do feel that I am now equipped with positive strategies to cope. Thank you. So glad I took the plunge and signed up.”

“I really enjoyed the course. I liked the different focus each week, that it was the same group throughout and really enjoyed the meditation sections. I thought the course was very good at addressing anxiety issues and provide skills to help oneself.”

“Helpful, with lots to work on in the future”

“Good for relaxing and calming the mind…useful toolkit to take away and use“ Charli

“Amazing. My favourite part was the breathing techniques, especially ujjayi… I would definitely recommend the course. It gives you an understanding of how the body and mind work and how to use this to be better at ease with anxiety….so so helpful and empowering.” J.R., Southend

“Enlightening! Very beneficial. Loved the course.“ Denise Carmichael, Southend.