Trini Foundation Yoga Scholarships

I am very happy to announce that Ashtanga Yoga Basildon has become a partner studio with The Trini Foundation.

The Trini Foundation was founded by two fellow Sharath Yoga Centre (SYC) authorised teachers Jessica and Taylor Hunt. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to assisting those with substance use disorders, such as alcoholism and drug addiction, to find lasting recovery. It does so by integrating ashtanga yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques (healing from the inside out) with existing recovery services (healing from the outside in). Trini partners with yoga studios, recovery programmes and treatment centres internationally, to offer yoga classes to those early in the recovery process. Do click here for more information about the Trini Foundation, the services and scholarships they offer and to donate.

Practising yoga and mindfulness, especially in early recovery, can create a strong foundation by creating a safe predictable structure to build self-confidence, self-mastery, and well-being. It is said that what happens on the mat is a microcosm of our universe/the macrocosm. In learning how to skilfully navigate and consciously respond to what arises internally in our physical practice, (in terms of feelings, sensations, thoughts, beliefs, memories etc) we are better placed to apply these lessons off the mat too. Steady smooth breathing is an integral part of the ashtanga method, and together with the correct position of the body and the gazing point (tristhana), helps cultivate focus, one-pointed attention, and calm in what is sometimes referred to as a ‘moving meditation’. The breath is a beautiful resource we can tap into 24/7 and in learning how to regulate it in postures, we can more readily draw on it amidst the challenges of daily life. Yoga is a vehicle which can bring the body-mind back into balance and harmony, whilst widening the window of tolerance to be with what is. It can decrease stress, anxiety and depression and increase self-awareness. The primary series is known as yoga chikitsa, yoga therapy, as it offers a powerful way to improve strength, flexibility, resiliency, organ health, and improved functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, endocrine and nervous systems.

The dis-ease of addiction is often associated with deep isolation and disconnection. In contrast the essence of yoga is ‘union’ of body, mind and heart/spirit which provides a holistic approach for healing and well-being, whilst also fostering personal growth and a sense of community.

If you are in early sobriety, and would like to commit to a regular yoga practice to aid your recovery, the Trini foundation offers scholarship for those who are in financial need, and meet certain other criteria. To apply for a scholarship go to

I would love to welcome scholarship recipients to join the Mysore programme @ashtangayogabasildon and to support you in your healing journey. And, you do not need to be in UK to practice with me either as several classes are online! Do see my teaching schedule, calendar or get in touch directly.

If you are a recovery or treatment centre in Essex, UK, and you would like me to teach a subsidised ashtanga yoga class as part of your programme, do not hesitate to contact me too. You can reach me at or on +44 7485 164654