Personalised 1:1 Yin Yoga

If you cannot attend the Monday Yin Yoga class offered, 19:00-20:00 UK time, or would simply prefer to work individually do consider personalised 1:1 yin yoga tuition either in person or via Zoom. 1:1 sessions can be held at a mutually convenient time, either online in the comfort of your own home or in person at the shala. Generally, the initial session is 120 minutes long and the subsequent sessions are of 60 minute duration.

In individual work we begin with an organ-meridian questionnaire to determine likely imbalances, but do note this is not a diagnostic tool. From this information I email you a document outlining the physical, energetic, emotional and psychological areas you highlighted and the organs and meridians they relate to. This then forms the basis of your personalised yin yoga programme.

In 1:1 sessions I guide you through a different yin yoga sequence each time and ensure the postures are appropriate for you and practiced safely with correct alignment using whatever props, modifications or variations as required. After each session I email you a document of the sequence with images and practice guidelines, underlying any areas to be mindful of for home-practice (optional but recommended!) If any questions arise between sessions you are more than welcome to contact me for guidance.

To schedule your first yin yoga 1:1 session or if you have any questions, do email or reach me via WhatsApp on +44 7485 164654.

I would love to hear from you! x