Overview of Benefits

Holding yogic postures for extended durations has been practiced for centuries and gives rise to a myriad of physical, emotional, psychological and energetic benefits.

One of the first fruits of this practice is deep embodiment: to feel the body from the inside and create a union with the mind. This Oneness of mind and body is the essence of yoga, meditative practice and mindfulness of the breath and body. It seems paradoxical then to divide this section into the effects of the practice from a physical, emotional, psychological and energetic perspective. For simplicity I have created these artificial divisions to articulate the plethora of benefits of each level of our being. But as a pre-emphasis, these constituents are not separate. They meld into a coherent whole, inter-connect, inter-relate, inter-be and profoundly influence each other.  For example, the energetic effects of the practice reverberate through the body-mind-spirit and create alterations in feelings, physiology and states of mind. Each respective element will influence the others in much the same way.